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Great Britain was the birth place of the knitting and textile industry as we know it today.The damp valleys of the north saw the use of water during the industrial revolution to power the big cotton and silk weaving mills...

Scotland was renown for its beautiful woven tweeds, tartans, hand knitted fair isle patterns, and elaborate lace patterns from the Shetland Isles. We have inherited the wonderful Aran cable patterns from the islands off the west coast of Ireland and, of course the traditional fisherman’s Guernsey sweater. 

We have seen our knitwear Industry decimated by cheap imports from the Far East. Just think….nearly every big retail chain on the high street and every supermarket that sell clothes is offering knitwear costing just a few pounds…..the major percentage of the price goes to the retailer…the garments have to be sent halfway across the world….tax and duty has to be paid….and the raw materials have to be purchased ….. What is left for the people who make the garment?

The other problem is the ‘sameness’ of the streets in all out major towns and cities and the ‘sameness’ of the products offered by these huge shop chains. Do I really want to wear the same jumper as 20,000 other people…..I don’t think so and probably neither do you! Over time we will work closely with new suppliers to widen the scope of goods and to bring you the best of British design and fashion. Our goal is simple - special products which are beautifully made in Great Britain.

SweaterOnline is a collection of British Manufacturers and Designers selling their lovely collections globally. We ensure that all our knits are Made in Great Britain and under strict British Ethical Standards. We want to protect Britains' Textile Heritage.

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